Fifty Shades of Grey was one of the most anticipated drama romance in 2015. People were dying to watch one of the most controversial and most loved adaptations in the cinemas, yet the title received a lot of negative reviews. So, was the adaptation good, did the authors do the good job personating their roles? Or maybe the hype was so big people forgot about the crucial elements that make movies amazing. It’s not a coincidence that the first film received five Golden Raspberries Awards for the worst movie. Well, the sequel was created anyway. How did the producers cope this time? Let’s see.


Fifty Shades Darker, the second movie about Christian Grey (in this role Jamie Dornan) and his lover Anastasia Steele (starring Dakota Johnson) had its premiere, as you may imagine, on Valentine’s Day. Of course, the movie itself was released on February 8th but a lot of people, including couples, wait for the V Day to go to the cinema and watch the movie. We didn’t need to do that. In fact, we were able to lay our hands on the original version of the production before and watch it and see whether the authors made some changes or they still want to earn money on hoary old chestnut.

So, the storyline of Fifty Shades Darker continues the telling of the love between Christian Grey and Ana. However, this time we are going to focus on other aspects. This time we are going to see Grey’s ex-girlfriend, who targeted his new girlfriend as the aim for her revenge and anger. Ana will have to deal with the anger and jealousy of previous girlfriend. Will she manage to do that? Well, this is not the only issue of the continuation, because Grey will also need to go on a compromise if he really cares for Ana. The dangerous game will once again develop in the middle of powerful, complex, and of course loving relationship of Ana and Christian.

The scenario presented above sums up the whole story pretty much. Of course, it doesn’t spoiler anything, what was our goal from the beginning. We wanted to provide you the exact image of the movie without telling you anything that might be crucial for the development of the action. However, in order to carry on with the review, we need to point out several points that will help us understand how everything works and how to rate the whole film. As you probably figured that one from the trailers, the two lovers decide to go back together under one condition: they will change their lives. Their lives in the way they won’t carry on with the rules, accessories, and role-playing. You probably think all of it goes to Grey and his attitude towards Ana. Nonetheless, it includes Anastasia as well. You see, she needs to learn how to live in the world filled with money, luxury, but also love. On their way (more on Ana’s way); however, we will encounter former girlfriend of our favourite guy. Even though she is trying to focus her anger and the feel for revenge on Ana, it is their relationship that feels that the most. Our job, as the critics, isn’t to evaluate whether the adapters did the good job in adapting the most important context from the books. Our job is to evaluate the cinematic production as the standalone picture, like the original movie. Therefore, it’s difficult to not mention about many flaws the title has got. Of course, it doesn’t mean there is no good things that we can find in Fifty Shades Darker. In fact, let us describe the positives of the movie first, and later on we will move on to disadvantages.

As you know, the guy responsible for directing the film is James Foley. It is a change compared to the first edition. You may say it’s because bad directing. However, it is said that the new director focuses on more important aspects and provides us with the perfect picture. How does the truth look like? Well, it is true that this time we can see that the director knows where to focus. Additionally, we need to remember that James Foley was chosen for not one part, but two parts of the adventures of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. It means he will deal with Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed as well. Such trust for director shows that the change he made was so significant he may actually make the movie watchable. However, we still cannot forget about the other problems the critics were complaining about such as actors and their approach to roles or of course the banal scenario that for many is not only uninspired but also filled with many obvious solutions. The final decision whether the movie is successful is of course up to you guys, the viewers!