About Us

You probably wonder why you should use the services provided by FIFTY SHADES DARKER – FULL MOVIE ONLINE, right? Well, in here, you will find the answer for the question “why us?” thanks to which you will finally realize how useful it may be and how many interesting information we can share with you. Let us start from the very beginning thanks to which you will understand everything we wish to tell you. It’s very important for us to help you understand why reviews you can find in here are the highest quality and they provide only legitimate data. So, without any further ado, shall we begin?

Everything started a few months ago when we noticed plenty of web pages, where you could find information about the newest movies. On these pages there was almost anything you needed – premiere dates, ratings, some opinions, etc. However, almost doesn’t mean everything. In there, we noticed that opinions regarding the movies are nothing more than just over-sweeten comments that praise everything connected to the movie or TV series. Or, on the other hand, we see filled with hatred comments that do nothing but offend everyone who was related to the movie. Therefore, I and few of my friends wanted to change that. We wanted to create some kind of page, where you can find not only objective reviews about the newest movies as well as those classic hits and blockbusters released a few years ago. What is more, we tried to avoid subjective opinions, so the titles we watched were divided among our group. Thanks to that, we managed to create a number of reviews that give you a full, competitive insight. Your knowledge about the movie will be much bigger and the best thing is that it doesn’t mean you have to worry about spoilers. Yes, we know how to avoid spoilers. We are fully aware of them and we try to not spoiler at all. However, it is sometimes mandatory to tell one thing about the plot in order to give you a glimpse of what to expect from the movie, TV series, or mini series.

But why would you believe in our reviews? What makes us such competent reviewers? Do we have some kind of experience in doing that? Of course we do! However, we shall tell you about everything from the start. So, we met at the university, where we studied cinematography, where we learned not only the basics of actor skills but also some things about the sound design, film and video editing, and even basic video and film camera operation. Thanks to that we are capable of commenting sound editors, video editors, people who deal with settings, lightings, and even screenwriting. Because of this studies, we’ve managed to learn more about creating professional videos than other reviewers, who just see the scene and describe their feelings instead of asking the real questions and finding answers on them. With the knowledge we possess, it was very easy to assume that people might make use of this by reading our short film descriptions, where we try to review only the most important elements. Of course, we do not forget about our audience. We are fully aware that most of people, who are looking at our readings are teenagers and young adults, who are just looking a simple explanation whether the movie is good or bad. Therefore, we decided to use simple language with the help of which everything will be clear, not a single thing will be too difficult to interpret, and of course everyone can enjoy the reviews we prepared!